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Remotely Monitored Electronic Surveillance System

Our Surveillance System comes with Remote Viewing Software (RVS) which enables you to monitor and control your security cameras remotely. The system is compatible with any kind of OS (Windows/Macintosh/Android). The videos can be recorded and reviewed later as well.

Communication System

We ensure smooth and easy communication with our systems at work/home. PBX (Private Branch Exchange) helps connect telephone extensions to the Public Switched Telephone Network(PSTN) and provides internal communication at work/home. Our other systems simplify communications between offices and factories located across different countries or locations. These systems also enable you to select outgoing or incoming calls and manage intranet and reduce long distance expenses while you take advantage of the single network for voice and data.

Home Automation

This system leads to Smart Living which enables you to be organized, efficient and secure without stress. This system generally consists of switches and sensors connected to a central hub, sometimes called a “GATEWAY” from which the system is controlled with a user interface that is interacted either with a wall-mounted terminal, mobile phone software, tablet computer or a web interface, often but not always via internet cloud services.

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  • Equipment Layouts
  • Block Diagrams
  • Conduit and Wire way Layouts
  • Piping Isometrics
  • System Diagrams
  • Wiring Schematics

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In Brief

Area of Operation

Based in Kolkata, Prioritee has primarily executed projects in Eastern parts of India. As we work towards our growth and develop our resources further, we are now ready to operate and execute our services on a larger scale.

Installation Capabilities

Prioritee performs maximum in-house installation work, performed by our team/contractors who are experienced in the field of Security & Communication Systems. Projects undertaken by us are completed within the stipulated time limits, on budget and all snags completed. Prioritee allocates all projects undertaken to a specific project manager, if required who is responsible for the project from concept to handover.

Maintenance and Servicing Capabilities

Doing justice to our motto, ‘Your Security, Our Priority’, we have a standard call-out procedure for each system installed within a reasonable time frame. We undertake after sales service agreements. Our qualified and trained technicians respond timely to your problems. In no way do we compromise on the quality of our security systems.