Who Are We?

Established in the year 2005, Prioritee is an organization, which has an expertise in the field of integrating security and communication solutions to home and work spaces with a commitment to bring the best security solution adhering to the international standards. The organization was established by a team of professionals with hands on ‘on-field’ experience. The vision with which the organization was established, has now wonderfully translated into our motto ‘Your Security, Our Priority’.

Driven by quality, Prioritee offers the finest equipment available in the global market and boasts of expertise in integrating security & communication, right from the inception to execution, followed by the final handover of the project to the client. However our commitment to your security does not end at the handover, but continues even after. Our impeccable after sales service continues to ensure your security, even after the project has been handed over to you.

Our Vision

Our Team works with a clear vision to achieve best standards of customer satisfaction with the best quality of products and service. Compromising on your security is never on our agenda, no matter what, as we believe in securing your future by delivering the best today.

Location & Area of Operation

Located primarily in Kolkata (34A Metcalfe Street, 2nd Floor Kolkata-13), our area of operation goes beyond Kolkata to the whole of Eastern India. We are continuously working towards a secure India, by providing finest equipment to ensure complete security to the entire nation.

Why Choose Prioritee?

  • Standard call-out procedure for each system installed within stipulated time frame.
  • Trained and qualified technicians to respond to specific project with ready necessary tools to attend the faults.
  • In case of any requirement for additional spares, these would be obtained within the shortest possible time.
  • Regular servicing is carried out in-house, resulting in minimum or no delay in the process.
  • After Sales Service is a part of our agreement and we take pride in ‘in-depth’ knowledge of the product base with central documentation for each project undertaken.
  • Quality is our chief concern and we integrate the finest quality products adhering to international standard to ensure your complete security.
  • Successful system installations and maintenance across industries, offices, retail outlets, supermarkets, shopping centers and housing complexes, proof enough of our compatibility with any kind of environment.

Electronic Surveillance System

Our Surveillance System comes with Remote Viewing software (RVS) that enables remote camera monitoring over the Internet or on a local area network. This RVS enable you to monitor & Control remotely cameras. The RVS also lets you review previously recorded surveillance video footage. RVS is very much Windows /Macintosh /Android compatible. We has successfully installed CCTV Systems across different industries under types of environment such as Industrial Factories, Offices, Public Places, Hotels, Retail Outlets, Supermarkets, shopping Centres, etc. All the surveillance systems installed & maintained by us in professional manner.


Communication System

A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a system that connects telephone extensions to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and provides internal communication for a business/home. An IP-PBX is a Communication PBX with Internet Protocol connectivity and may provide additional Audio / Video / SMS format communication utilizing the TCP/IP protocol and simplify the communication in between two offices /homes/ factories located at two different countries without any extra cost and same can be done on smart phone too at two different locations. Key Telephone System (KTS) is equipped with several buttons that allow a caller to directly select outgoing lines or incoming calls, and use intercom and smooth conference facility. VoIP gateways can be combined with traditional PBX functionality to allow businesses to use their managed intranet to help reduce long distance expenses and take advantage of the benefits of a single network for voice and data.

Home Automation System

Home Automation or Smart Home is the residential extension of BUILDING AUTOMATION and involves the control and automation of Environment (lighting, Air conditioning), Audio/Video Gadgets (Multi Zone/Room Audio Video System), Security Systems etc. Basically it leads to SMART LIVING which enables us to be organized and efficient , gives us security and peace of mind, entertains us in the manned desired, reduces stress and anxiety because we are empowered with information that gives us the ability to make important decisions at the right time. Modern systems generally consist of switches and sensors connected to a central hub sometimes called a "GATEWAY" from which the system is controlled with a user interface that is interacted either with a wall-mounted terminal, mobile phone software, tablet computer or a web interface, often but not always via internet cloud services.

Digital Biometric Smart Lock/Safes

Digital door locks bring you keyless convenience to unlock your door. Choose from the latest in digital door locking technology – Fingerprint, Smart Card, and Keypad – to open your door. Each offers an immediate door opening solution and adds simplicity to your lifestyle which creates convenience to NO NEED to remember to bring along your keys when you go out/ to lock your doors/ for spare keys etc. These digital door locks can also be paired with alarms to offer additional security from burglary, vandalism and fire. Combining cutting-edge technology with practical reliability, Digital door locks are the future of door locks. Different Kind of Safe like Biometric, Fire Proof with different security compliance is also available and on request customisation can also be available.

Wi-Fi & Network System

Wi-Fi is a technology for wireless local area networking for smooth usage of Note Book, Personal computers, video-game consoles, smart phones, digital cameras, tablet computers, digital audio players and modern printers. Wi-Fi compatible devices can connect to the Internet via a WLAN network/ wireless access point. Smart Cabling is always the back bone for smooth operation of same and Access Points can be configured on Poe (Power over Ethernet) which enables to overcome of malfunction and problems like loose Connections of power adaptor/connectors. A standard Access Point or Hotspot has a range of about 20-30 meters radius in indoor and a greater range outdoors. Hotspot coverage can be as small as a single room with walls that block radio waves, or as large as many square kilometres achieved by using multiple overlapping access control.

Video Door Phone Entry System

Video door phone (also known as video door entry or video intercom) is a stand-alone intercom system used to manage calls made at the entrance to a building (residential complex, detached family home, workplace, etc.) with access controlled by audiovisual communication between the inside and outside of Flat/Premise. The main feature of video door entry is that it enables the person indoors to identify and communicate the visitor who is outside at Flat /Premise and, if (and only if) they wish, engage in conversation and/or open the door to allow access to the person. The communication set up is full duplex. The electric door release is a device installed in the door lock and operated from inside the building to lift the latch and clear the way for the visitor. Many terminals currently on the market are ready to accept extensions, making the monitor into a small automatic function control centre. From here, the user can view one or several additional cameras installed at other access points, trigger light switches or open a second door, etc.

Public Address & Channel Music System

In an emergency situation communication of Public Address System is vitally important. The Public Address and Evacuation Systems provide the facility for pre-defined audible warnings and announcements. The system can also be used for general information announcements and whistling Music can also be compatible with same.



Fire Detection/Alarm System

Different types of Conventional/Addressable and Intelligent Fire Detection System consists of Photoelectric, Ionization Smoke Detectors and Heat Detectors are available and same can be designed and customized. These Detectors are fully compatible with existing conventional panels with single or multiple zones with high-level control of all devices on the system. Interfacing capabilities with other building systems and PC interface with monitoring of alarm and fault conditions options are also available.


Time Attendance & Access Control System

For the facility that requires a STAND-ALONE ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM, we design to client’s requirement and spec the system which provides and effective means of controlling access to designated areas with the appropriate levels of security maintained. Different Options like PALM, RETINA,  BIOMETRIC, PROXIMITY CARD, PIN Based system are available and networking of same can be arranged as per requirement.