Fire Detection System

Fire detection systems are essential in commercial and inhabited properties.Prioritee's fire detection systems protect your premises from fire and accidents. Our fire detection systems are designed to save and protect lives. It is a system that deserves special care and attention. The purpose of fire detection systems is to detect smoke, heat and light radiation. All fire alarms have to be interlinked together with a central control panel which should be monitored round the clock. These systems are a crucial part of a building's design. The design should meet or exceed all elements of NFPA and local code requirements to ensure maximum safety.


We also provide different types of Conventional/Addressable and Intelligent Fire Detection System consists of Photoelectric, Ionization SmokeDetectors and Heat Detectors are available and same can be designed and customized to keep your space safe from fire.



Driven by quality, Prioritee offers the finest equipment available in the global market and boasts of expertise in integrating security & communication, right from the inception to execution, followed by the final handover of the project to the client. However our commitment to your security does not end at the handover, but continues even after. Our impeccable after sales service continues to ensure your security, even after the project has been handed over to you.


From standard call-out procedure to trained and qualified engineers when it comes to installations, Prioritee takes your security as utmost priority. We specialize in regular servicing and after sales service and take pride in ‘in-depth’ knowledge of each product.