Time Attendance - Access Control System

Companies today have so many choices of equipment to electronically capture the Employee In/Out & Break Punches, entry of Department & Job Transfer codes & in some cases entry of off-time hours. The PIN Entry & Badge Swipe Clock Terminals continue to be the mainstay of the Time & Attendance System. However, for the latest in the accurate collection of payroll data choose a Biometric Time Clock from Recognition Systems. Based on hand geometry comparison this clock terminal absolutely Eliminates Employee Buddy Punching. choose from the model Handpunch 1000, Handpunch 2000, Handpunch 3000 or Handpunch 4000.

Other choices include PC Clock Punch In Software where employees utilize their desktop PC or a Kiosk PC, for clocking In & Out and performing Department & Job transfers, etc. Found in more expensive Time & Attendance Systems are now avialable that take advantage of the convienance & accessability of the internet & Web Linked Computers, making a companies Time & Attendance information available to employees & supervisors virtually anywhere they may be. 

From automatically adding up employee Straight Time and Overtime Hours, to determining Tardindess and Absenteeism, the Time and Attendance Software impartially applies the companies pay policies. Standard Features found in every basic or comprehensive Time and Attendance System include; Two Levels of Overtime Calculation, Basic Punch Rounding capabilities, Assignment of Department Levels for labor distribution and report sorting, an Auto-Deduction feature for un-paid lunches, etc.

For companies that wish to automate more complex pay policies; This requires a more expensive system and would include features to handle Paid Breaks, Consecutive and/or Day Specific Overtime Awards, Shift Differential calculations, Qualifiers for Automatic Generation of Holiday Pay and Off-Time hours, additional sort codes and user-defined fields for more powerful reporting are typically found in a more capable Time and Attendance Software. Also Employee Scheduling features will be needed for companies that have complex and intense shift schedules to maintain.