Voice logger

Voice logger is a multiple voice logging Device / Voice recording systems, that uses DPS technology based PCI card to record a telephone conversation with calling numbers and caller IDS. Telephone calls are very important part of an organization this helps in building business relationships. Voice recorder like USB Voice recorder, PCI Voice recorder, Standalone voice recorder, PRI Voice recorder helps to monitor the complete telephone network and helps to understand the interactions between customer and staff. With the help of voice logger call, handling can be monitored on a regular basis to enhance the performance of the employees. Voice Logger device is the Practice of frequently recording phone discussions. Business divisions which regularly do voice logging incorporate open security, client benefit call center (discussions are recorded for quality purposes). Voice logger is generally used on traditional phone lines.

Use of Voice Logger:

Mainly Telephone recorder system used in Call Centers, Police station, Army, Air force, Helpdesk Fire station, stock brokers, Recording conference calls, Recording instruction, Protection of staff from abusive Monitoring nuisance callers, Monitoring customer service.

Telephone bills drastically, Enforce Courteous, Polite and Correct Telephonic Conduct by your Staff. Increment Office Discipline and Manpower Efficiency/Productivity Analyze, and Respond Fast and Correctly to Customer/Caller Needs.